Airport Taxi Transfers – Cheaper and Greener Booking Online

Learn more about the range of airports our service covers, across the UK. Download our app now to begin saving money with cheaper airport taxi. Using the app couldn’t be easier – simply register, input your journey information, and choose the option that works best for your budget and your schedule. Every time you plan your airport travel with GreenCab, you are reducing your carbon footprint, as you are enabling taxi drivers to take passengers in both directions, reducing the amount of unnecessary vehicles on the road at any one time. This means they get more pay for their hard work; you get a convenient and budget friendly airport transfer service, and more is done for the planet. It’s a win win!

UK Airports we cover

We are currently covering the following locations for airport travel but we are growing at a fast pace and will be all around the UK in the near future.




East Midlands


While using the app, we encourage everyone to offer feedback where possible to ensure that we can offer the best experience & value for money.

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A greener way to travel

Have you ever wonder what happens to a booked taxi for an airport transfer? **98% of the time it travels unoccupied on one leg of it’s journey. With the Green Cab App you take advantage of the wasted unoccupied leg of the journey by booking the same taxi.

A taxi that has an airport transfer could fill the empty leg of the journey with a new passenger who is either going or returning from the same airport.

Meaning the taxi driver could offer a reduced rate to fill the empty leg.

Full taxi for both legs of the journey

Only one taxi for the whole journey instead of two

Less emissions from one car, better for the environment

A cheaper fare for the passenger