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How do I book an airport taxi in the UK?

Travelling can be a thrilling experience, but navigating through airports and reaching your destination can often prove to be quite challenging. One of the most convenient and stress-free ways to ensure a smooth journey from the airport to your desired location is by booking an airport taxi. Not only does this option offer convenience, but also budget-friendly options that meet any requirements. 

So, how exactly do you book an airport taxi service in the UK? There are a variety of options available to guarantee your airport taxi service. This includes online booking services, such as Green Cab App, contacting a local taxi company, or joining the taxi queue outside the airport. 

Booking your private taxi in advance is a stress-free way to start your holiday right. By considering the advantages of booking, understanding the ideal timings for reservations and familiarising yourself with the available payment options, you can guarantee a smooth journey from A to B. Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, the process of booking an airport taxi is designed to enhance your travel experience and provide you with a comfortable and reliable mode of transportation.

To help you learn more about booking your private airport taxi in advance, the travel experts at Green Cab App have put together this short guide for you to explore. Simply keep reading to learn more…

Is it cheaper to book an airport taxi in advance?

The cost of booking an airport taxi can vary depending on multiple factors, including the time of day, distance, location, and the taxi company you choose. However, booking your airport taxi in advance often comes with certain advantages, including potential cost savings, as discussed by Go Comfort.

When you book a taxi well ahead of your arrival, you’re likely to have access to a wider range of taxi options, giving you the opportunity to compare prices and choose the one that best fits your budget. Additionally, some taxi companies offer discounts for advance bookings, which can result in significant savings. This is true if you’re travelling during peak seasons when demand for airport transportation is high.

Last-minute bookings, on the other hand, might lead to higher costs. Airport taxi services often charge a premium for on-the-spot reservations, as they may need to rearrange their schedules to accommodate your request. Moreover, during busy travel periods, there might be a shortage of available taxis, causing prices to surge.

How long before or after my flight should I book my taxi?

Ideally, you need to organise your airport taxi service between 1 week and 3 days before your leaving date. Using the Green Cab App, this enables a variety of taxi drivers to bid on your journey, meaning that you can be guaranteed the lowest fare for your route.

Not only that, but the timing of your airport taxi booking is crucial to ensure a stress-free experience. The ideal booking time can vary depending on several factors, such as the airport, your destination, and the time of day. Rush hour, for example, will be more expensive than late evening or early afternoon. 

If you do decide to book a taxi upon arrival, it’s recommended to have a plan in place. Make sure you’re familiar with the taxi options available at the airport and have an understanding of their approximate costs. Keep in mind that while this approach offers more flexibility, it might lead to higher prices, especially during peak travel times.

How do I pay for an airport taxi in the UK?

Paying for an airport taxi in the UK is a straightforward process, and various payment methods are typically accepted to accommodate travellers’ preferences. This includes:

  • Cash: Many taxi services in the UK still accept cash payments. However, it’s a good idea to have the exact fare ready, as some drivers might not carry a lot of change.
  • Card Payments: Most reputable airport taxi services accept card payments, including debit and credit cards. This provides a convenient and secure way to pay, as you won’t need to worry about carrying large amounts of cash. Make sure to clarify with the taxi company in advance whether they accept card payments, and if there are any additional charges or fees associated with using cards.
  • Mobile Apps: Some taxi booking companies, such as Green Cab App, have their own app that allows you to book and pay for your taxi using your smartphone. This app and similar ones often offer additional features such as real-time tracking of your taxi’s location, estimated arrival time, and digital receipts.

What website should I use to book an airport taxi?

The best website to use to book your private taxi to and from the airport is Green Cab App. We pride ourselves on our mission to be an eco-friendly taxi booking choice, with our ultimate goal being to ensure that each leg of a taxi driver’s journey has a passenger. Not only does this ensure that less cars are on the road overall, but also guarantees you the cheapest fare on the market for your desired route. To book now, simply make an account to get started.