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How To Get A Cheap Airport Taxi?

If you’ve got a holiday or a business trip coming up, you may be wondering what the most cost-effective solution is when travelling to the airport. In this blog, we’ll explain how to get a cheap airport taxi and the advantages of booking an airport taxi service. But first things first, how do you get a cheap airport taxi? 

You can get a cheap airport taxi by booking through a service such as Green Cab App. With our airport taxi service, you can post your journey details, and taxi drivers will bid their prices. You then select the cheapest price and finalise the details with your driver. From this, you can relax knowing your transfers will be convenient and stress-free. 

Read on to learn more about getting a cheap airport taxi with Green Cab App. 

Advantages Of Booking An Airport Taxi

Before travelling to the airport and starting your journey, you first need to decide how you will get there and if you want to pay for parking. Below, we’ve outlined some key advantages of booking an airport taxi rather than driving or public transport. 


One of the best parts of airport taxi service is the guaranteed convenience. Not only can you be picked up and dropped off with a door-to-door service, but you can also book your vehicle based on the amount of luggage you have. With a transportation service, you can eliminate this stress and enjoy a calm car drive to your destination.


You can decide what service options you need when using an airport taxi service. Whether hiring a specific vehicle for accommodating more people or for people with particular requirements, such as being wheelchair-friendly, it’s entirely up to you. 


While most airport parking providers are reputable firms, they cannot always ensure the safety of your vehicle. This means that if something happens to your car while it is in their care, there could be implications for your insurance. This can be costly and stressful to deal with. As a result, airport taxi transfers are hard to beat for sheer convenience and peace of mind. 

No Additional Charges

Once you’ve agreed on a price, that is what you will pay. When you use an airport taxi service, there are no hidden fees. You can feel confident knowing you’ll only pay what you were quoted when you get into your airport transfer car and know you’ll have the cheapest price. 

Personal Preference 

If you are travelling long distances with a family, it can be stressful to fit all the luggage into the car. An airport taxi transfer can make all the difference because you can choose the size of your vehicle and inform your driver of any special requirements in advance. 

Disadvantages Of Booking An Airport Taxi

There aren’t many downsides to booking an airport taxi, but some you may need to consider are: 

  • High cost for solo travellers: If you intend to travel alone, the cost of an airport taxi might be higher due to not splitting the price with another person. With Green Cab, you will surely get the cheapest taxi to the airport whether you are travelling solo or with others. 
  • No last-minute booking: Some online booking websites offer a 24-hour service, but it doesn’t mean that you can just book airport taxi services anytime. The service may require online requesters to book their airport transfers 24 hours before the trip. 

Is It Cheaper To Book A Taxi In Advance? 

By securing your ride in advance, you can lock in a lower rate than if you were to book the taxi on the spot. You aren’t restricted by shuttle transfers when you arrive at the airport and can ensure you have plenty of time to catch your flight. With our airport taxi service at Green Cab, you will surely get the best price, as you can select the cheapest option from our driver’s bids. 

Is It Cheaper To Park Or Take A Taxi To The Airport? 

We believe booking an airport taxi is cheaper than parking at the airport. This is primarily because of the rise in petrol prices and airport parking charges. Airport taxi transfers are stress-free, convenient and flexible, making them a better option than parking at the airport. You can read our dedicated blog to learn more about the benefits of taking an airport taxi. 

Advantages Of Using Green Cab App’s Airport Taxi Service 

Here are the key reasons why you should use Green Cab App’s airport taxi service: 

  1. Best price guaranteed: Approved taxi companies who will fulfil your requirements, bid on your journey with their price. You can decide which offer to accept for your trip. Once a bid has been accepted, you pay for the journey, and contact is established with the taxi driver to finalise the pick-up details. 
  2. Easy-to-use app: With Green Cab, you can book a taxi to or from an airport with just a few taps of your smartphone to post your journey details. 
  3. Reducing emissions: By using a taxi that would otherwise be empty, you’re helping to do your bit for the environment by reducing the number of taxi journeys. 

Find out more about how our taxi service for passengers works here. 

Cheaper Airport Taxis With Green Cab App 

Enjoy a cheaper and greener way to travel with Green Cab App’s airport taxi service. Using our convenient and easy-to-use app, you can find approved taxi companies who’ll bid on your journey and give you the best possible price. Green Cab App takes advantage of the wasted leg of the journey by booking the same taxi. Download the Green Cab App today or get in touch with one of our friendly team members for more information.