How Green Cab App Works for Airport Taxi Companies

Learn more about how Green Cab App can work with your taxi company

Looking to fill the empty leg of your airport transfer? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Green Cab App, we work with taxi drivers and companies to fill the empty leg of your journey. Our goal is to provide you with access to more customers who are looking to book their airport transfer, supplying you with more business and reducing the amount of emissions being produced on our roads. 

If you want to get involved with securing additional income onto your airport transfer, simply register below to become an approved taxi company.

How it Works 

1.Download the Green Cap App and create an account.

2.Make a bid on an available journey and wait for it to be accepted.

3.Complete your customer journey as normal.

4.Search and filter for journeys that suit you.

5. Receive your customer’s full contact details.

6. We pay you when your journey is complete.

Why Register your Airport Transfers with Green Cab App?

Wasting time and fuel on empty journeys can be frustrating. We believe you should have access to more customers looking to book an airport transfer. This is where our new, sophisticated app steps in. We offer a free, flexible service to help you fill both legs of your airport transfer journey. 

Access to more customers.

Set your price.

Pick your own jobs.

Free to use.

A single vehicle could earn up to £3,000 per year through our utilisation of empty journeys. Get involved with our mission today.

Our Sustainability Pledge

We care about the environment, and the safeguarding of our planet for future generations. To play our part, our service pledges to prioritise improving the environment by filling empty airport taxi transfers and ensuring that taxis are provided with customers for both legs of their journey. 

With the ever-growing increase in green air zones to reduce carbon emissions, our service will help you to reduce the cost of your required permits, all while reducing the overall number of vehicles on the road and helping more passengers find their way. 

Download the Green Cab App for Taxi Companies

Get in touch to become an approved taxi company


My cab did not turn up

Contact your cab company who won your bid and ask where your driver is and let the know and we will give the cab company one strike, after 3 strikes will be taken off the app.

The cab company has cancelled my journey

If the cab company has cancelled your job, it will go back on the site for others to bid on.

What happens if I cancel my journey?

If you cancel your journey, you get a refund less transaction costs.

The cab driver was rude, and the car was unclean.

You can inform the fleet and let the Green Cab App know and we will give one strike to the fleet and driver. 3 strikes and they are off the app.

What happens if my inward flight is delayed or cancelled.

The fleet or driver will be tracking your flight, but you should always inform your driver/fleet of new time or date, if your flight is cancelled and the cab company can’t assist you at that time you can place a new job on the app and you will of course get a refund for the one cancelled pickup less the transaction costs

The cab has broken down en route to or from the airport.

If the cab has broken down en route, it’s up to the fleet/driver to sort out and get another car to fulfil the journey