Learn More About how our Airport Taxi Service Works for Passengers

Booking your Airport Taxi Service with Green Cab App

Looking to find the cheapest taxi service to the airport ready for your trip? Green Cab App is here to help. We’ve taken away all the stress and hassle of finding a taxi at the best fare. Simply register on our app, post your journey details and wait for taxi drivers to bid on your trip. You can then select the cheapest fare, and you’re all set to go! 

Each trip that you book through Green Cab App helps to reduce your carbon footprint. We work with licensed taxi drivers to ensure that they’re able to fill both legs of their journey to the airport. This means that C02 is reduced along with other dangerous chemicals produced by reducing the number of excessive vehicles on the road. 

How Do I Book My Airport Taxi Service? 

Green Cab App works for passengers in 3 easy steps.

1.Once registered, simply post the details of your journey on our app.

2.Drivers who are in that location bid on your journey to secure your fee.

3.You choose the best fare for your chosen journey.

Using the App

Posting your journey on the Green Cab App is simple, and can be accessed on desktop, tablets or mobiles. Once you’ve registered, login to access the dashboard. From here, you simply need to press the ‘New Journey’ button on the top left side of your screen (if you’re using a desktop; for mobile and tablet users this can be found by pressing the menu tab on the top right corner of your screen). 

You’ll then be taken to a new page where you post all of your journeys details. This includes the pickup date and time, airport location, number of passengers, required vehicle and more. There’s also space to add any additional information for drivers, such as if disabled assistance is required. 

We also ask for the details of your flight number. This is so that drivers can track the arrival time of your flight if you’re booking your trip home from the airport. 

Once your journey has been submitted and posted, all you have to do is wait for drivers to bid on your journey, and then you can pick the best fare for your budget.

We Care About our Passenger Experience and Safety

Here at Green Cab App, we understand the importance of ensuring that your journey to and from the airport is comfortable, relaxing and safe. That’s why we only work with licensed taxi drivers that have great customer feedback. 

We have a passenger rating system for our drivers and taxi firms that means that your feedback is essential for operations. If a taxi driver receives three strikes from passenger complaints, such as an unclean car, rude comments or delays, then they will no longer be able to provide a service for our customers. 

A greener way to travel

Better for your bank balance and the environment

Have you ever wondered what happens to a booked taxi for an airport transfer? Statistics have revealed that 98% of the time the taxi travels unoccupied on one leg of its journey. With the Green Cab App you take advantage of the wasted unoccupied leg of the journey by booking the same taxi.

One taxi for your whole route

Less emissions produced for your journey

Find your cheapest fare

Download the GreenCab app

Scan the QR code with your phone camera to install the app and enjoy greener and cheaper travel to and from the airport

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Download The Green Cab App

Post the details of your journey

Drivers who are already in that location, at that time bid to secure your fare

You choose the best fare for your chosen journey

Airports we cover

We are currently covering the following airports but we are growing at a fast pace and we will be all around the UK in the near future.




East Midlands


While using the app, we encourage everyone to offer feedback where possible to ensure that we can offer the best experience & value for money.


What happens if my taxi does not turn up?

Contact your cab company who won your bid and ask where your driver is and let the admin@greencabapp.com know and we will give the cab company one strike, after 3 strikes will be taken off the app.

What should I do if my taxi driver cancels my journey?

If the cab company has cancelled your job, it will go back on the site for others to bid on.

What happens if I cancel my journey?

If you cancel your journey, you get a refund less transaction costs.

The cab driver was rude, and the car was unclean.

You can inform the fleet and let the Green Cab App know and we will give one strike to the fleet and driver. 3 strikes and they are off the app.

What happens if my inward flight is delayed or cancelled.

The fleet or driver will be tracking your flight, but you should always inform your driver/fleet of new time or date, if your flight is cancelled and the cab company can’t assist you at that time you can place a new job on the app and you will of course get a refund for the one cancelled pickup less the transaction costs

The taxi has broken down en route to or from the airport.

If the cab has broken down en route, it’s up to the fleet/driver to sort out and get another car to fulfil the journey