Taxi Companies

GreenCab App in action

The Green Cab App gives you the opportunity to bid on jobs on the same route you are travelling both going to and coming from your own area. This reduces emissions and increases driver earnings.

All taxi companies are vetted and approved prior to being allowed to bid on airport transfers, so get in touch to start the approval process today.

1.You drop off your pre-booked passengers at the airport

2.Whilst at the airport you’re notified via the app that passengers want to travel back to your area

3.You bid on the job with a lower price than the customers would usually pay for a one-way journey to win the fare

4.If your bid is accepted you arrange a collection point and take the customers to their home; you get paid securely via the app

Getting started is really simple, simply download our app and start using!

Download the Green Cab App for Taxi Companies

Get in touch to become an approved taxi company

How it works for airport passengers

With GreenCab you can book a taxi to or from an airport in just a few taps of your smartphone to post details of your journey.

Approved taxi companies who are able to fulfil your requirements bid on your journey with their best price and you choose which offer to accept.

Once a bid has been accepted you pay for the journey and contact is established with the taxi driver to finalise details of the pick-up.

By using a taxi that would otherwise be empty you’re helping to do your bit for the environment by reducing the number of total taxi journeys.

How it works for taxi companies

As a taxi driver you often only have passengers booked for the journey to or from an airport, leaving an empty vehicle for the return leg.

Using our app you can get additional bookings from people looking for a taxi to or from an airport, providing you with passengers for both legs of the journey.

Prospective passengers post details of their journey using the app and taxi drivers bid a price in order to win the business.

The key to winning the job for the empty leg of a journey is to bid a price that is lower than a customer would typically pay, otherwise they have less incentive to use the app and you could lose the business.

If a customer posted a job to go from their home in the Peak District to Manchester Airport, which would typically cost £70, the ideal bid to win the business would be £40-50.

At this price, the customer gets a great deal and you get additional income for what would have been dead mileage. The profit element of the one-way journey to or from the airport has already been factored in, so this additional revenue is virtually all profit.

The finances

The passenger chooses a bid which meets their requirements. The driver wins the bid along the same route they would be otherwise travelling. This negates the need for a second taxi to complete the same journey.